Pi camera upgrade?

Hi. I recently read that there are upgraded cameramodules available for the Raspberry Pi. Is it possible to upgrade to (one of) these? And if so, is worthwhile doing so?

Hi Marco, for sure, but to be clear, it’s just the cameramount. The camera itself is still the same. It’s better, but to just order the mount is a bit expensive of course (because of shipping).
It’s still on the webshop for Gotron (Gotron | Telraam Camerahouder voor Telraam sensoren - Tmleuven - Partnerships - Projecten | Elektronicaspecialist), but we’ll also add it to Telraam’s webshop too. Gotron will discontinue sales in the near future.

Product-link the Telraam webshop:

Actually I was referring to the possibility to use one of these updated camera modules Raspberry Pi brengt vier cameramodules uit met betere sensor en autofocus - Computer - Nieuws - Tweakers,
not to a holder for the camera

I misunderstood. No, we won’t change to a new Pi camera-module. I’m not sure if their compatible with the software we made now…