Pedicabs & stand-up e-scooters

Any idea where pedicabs and stand-up e-scooters end up getting categorized? (I assume pedicabs get put in cars and scooters in pedestrians.)

We have a lot of complaints about excessive speed from these two modes, so any insight on whether it may be possible to carve them out in the future would be helpful.

Thanks! Rik

HI @rik

Scooters will almost certainly be classified as pedestrians (if they are categorised at all) and we do hope to be able to add this mode in some near future - but I have to admit we have other priorities right now.

I am not sure if we have tested pedicabs / tuk tuk vehicles. If you have a short video of the street showing these passing by from the perspective of a Telraam device, we could run it through our training programme to see what happens.

My guess is that they would not be recognised as any existing classification and would be ignored. However, depending on the shape it is possible that some may look enough like a very small city car that they might be logged as such.

I have to say it is unusual to hear about issue with speed from these vehicle types as opposed to motorised vehicles. Can you give more background?

Hi @Rob_Telraam -

The street I’m looking at is here:

It’s a narrow, one-way shared shopping street in the center of Provincetown, MA that has a high volume of pedestrian traffic but is open to all modes. (It’s one-way for cars and trucks but two-way for everyone else.) The speed limit on this segment is 15MPH, but observed speed is typically lower due to congestion.

Pedicabs and e-scooters (and e-bikes) are perceived as moving “fast” due to their smaller size and speed relative to people walking. I’ll see if I can get some footage of pedicabs for you to take a look at.

The S2 has been great at helping to document the volumes of traffic and mode split so far, and it seems pretty accurate compared to my manual counts.

I’m advocating for the town to set up a network of Telraam devices, and there’s lots of interest from our town planner, so hopefully we’ll find a way to fund more counters.

Cheers, Rik

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