Optional device description below street name on telraam.net

Could you provide an optional device description for the telraam.net view which is visible below the street name and even in both descriptions in the small window, which appears after clicking a segment on the map?

e.g.: Telraam | Dörpfeldstraße
Kiezklub Adlershof
Berlin, Germany

This feature would be a nice way for Telraam users to provide more information about their location.


looks very useful - special for neighbor citizen :+1:t3:

Hi Roland

Thanks for this suggestion. This is something we have been discussing indeed.

I like the idea of telling the story of your street, but it also seems a shame to hide it on the device page instead of a place with people ready to hear that story.

What do you think of the idea of having a dedicated channel here, maybe, where you could post a story about your street and ‘pin’ this to the device detail page?

That way people could even interact with the owner to ask questions or to make social contact.

Hi Rob,
nice idea with the dedicated channel on Telraam talks. But what does it mean to pin the story to the device detail page? Will that pinning be visible on top of the page?
Currently, we have a special webpage, where we show some location information, see: Standorte in TK – ADFC Stadtteilgruppe Treptow-Köpenick | Radfahren im grünsten Bezirk Berlins.