Night counts now included for Telraam S2 devices

Over the last few months we’ve let you know that we were developing and testing the night count feature of the Telraam S2 device. We’re now happy to let you know that we’ve remotely installed this on active S2 devices all across the world.

What is it?

Night counts are a new ‘class’ of data in the app and dashboard that gives you a total count of vehicles on your street during the darker hours when the S2 device is otherwise unable to count normally.

The S2 counts objects using the camera, and so needs enough light to recognise each one. However, when it is dark, although we cannot see the outlines of objects to tell whether it is a car, truck or bus, we can still count the vehicles using the vehicle lights themselves and then group these together.

This means that the count is a cumulative number of all vehicles. Instead of adding this to the existing categories (cars, trucks, etc.) it is separated out as ‘night’ data, and is displayed as a black bar on your daily counts.

There will be no counts of pedestrians or cyclists at night.

Where can I see the night data?

To see the night data on any segment, simply click on a device on our homepage map and (if this is an S2 device), you’ll see the additional night data for the overnight hours, like this:

You can also see this data for your own device on your dashboard.

What if I have a V1 device?

The new algorithm update only applies to the S2 devices.

I have an S2 but I can’t see my night data

The remote updates of your device firmware have been running over the last week or so. We have updated almost all devices but if yours was not connected or had low signal quality, this may not yet have completed. Please be patient, but if it does not appear in the next week or so, please get in touch via support and we may be able to give you further information.

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I’ve just started seeing a lot of night counts in the last few days.

Any idea what it’s counting?

This is a one-way street for motor vehicles but two-way for bicycles. About half of the counts are contra-flow so I’m assuming those are bicycles.

I thought night counts would only capture cars, so this is unexpected.

This is the counter dashboard: Telraam

Well spotted @rik

I’m not sure about that result. We do count “lights” but generally speaking any lights on bicycles are usually below the threshold of being visible and not counted.

I will share this with the team and we may want to get some video to do some testing and review if that was possible?