Night count testing has started

Great news! The beta testing of the Telraam S2 night counting feature has started. We have around 25 devices already updated with the new firmware and the data is coming in.

An email has been sent to all the volunteers with a more instructions on how to carry out the essential validation exercises, and we look forward to reviewing these along with the data over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any questions or comments, whether you are taking part in the beta testing, or just are curious, do leave them in this topic so others can follow along and maybe take part, and we will do our best to answer them all.


This is very exciting. I submitted my first validation counts and will do some more, ideally when it’s not as cold and there is more non-motorized traffic.
The instructions for the validation counts are good. The most challenging piece has been recording the before/after counts on the display (especially with their delay) while also not missing anything in the manual count. And the distinction between cars and large vehicles. For the former issue, maybe it’d be best to advise people to just start their counts right at the 0-15-30-45 interval and not worry about writing down what is on the display.

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Thanks so much

For the display, you only need the count at the start and end (and if you get a few extra minutes it won’t make too much difference). The easiest (I find) is to take a photo of the screen at the start and end and then you can write it down at your leisure.

I take the photo and immediately start counting, then take a photo when the 15 minutes is up (maybe waiting for a final refresh).

Don’t worry too much about the non-motorised traffic as we are probably not picking it up at night in any case, but it is good just to check how that is going (depending on the light on the street)

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I noticed that my device has been frequently (i.e. multiple times a day) resetting to the QR code screen in the past week or two. Is that related to the night count testing (firmware updates?) or is there possibly something up with my power supply.

It should not be linked to the night count testing, but we will be doing that analysis too to make sure it is all stable. It would be good to note that when you send your validation (if you do another), but I’ll also pass this on to the team