Minor suggestion on window attachment materials

I had to move the device after the initial installation (because of network but also because of cabling and a tree) and it’s pretty clear that the supplied attachment stuff works only one time. I then had to peel it off, which was a mess.

Not sure about pricing (and I know every penny counts for things like this!) but I’d recommend including a few of something like this (from 3M) instead in future boxes- so far they seem to have plenty of staying power and are easy to remove/replace if necessary.


Yes, I know those adhesives - I’ve used them for lighter pictures at home.

It might be a good idea indeed. I’ll pass this on but maybe others who’ve tested it can also chip in with experience or ideas?

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I had to move my S2 twice in a week time. The adhesives work fine, but yeah there will be some glue residue left behind.

The stickiness did not degrade a lot but I also turned the sticky pads around after the first removal for max stickiness on the window side, as the side with the metal part was relatively untouched.

I would love to see a little pack to buy online with adhesive pad (even though I know where to find them in my local building supply store.)

A small update. The Telraam fell down and we had to reattach it with tape. The tape is doing a good job.

First thing I did was peel the 3M VHB tape off, and use two 3M Command strips, which can be readily removed.
I don’t expect they will last in the sunlight over years, but are way easier to move and remove.

However what I really wish for is a threaded insert so I can attach Telraam to a tripod mount, then angle it for the best view. I am aware this can create glass reflection problems the close to the window location does not.

The new adhesive strip used for S2 is really a pain. To remove it from a clean glass surface is almost impossible without a knife or similar; one is afraid to damage the metal carrier, or even worse, the window of the family hosting the device.
Much easier was using Tesa Powerstrips; notably when leaving 2mm of the strip as handle beyond the metal, so that one can grip it with forceps and pull it slowly out.

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