Mid block vs. Intersection Counting

Is Telraam suitable to overlook an intersection, with traffic in four directions?

good question, and the simple answer is no

The camera and monitoring is designed to monitor the direction of travel from A > B and vice-versa, so it is designed for mid-block or, in non-US context, mid street segments.

In addition, because it monitors the speed of cars, it needs to be a place where that traffic is moving so we can assess the flow on the street. If you point it at junctions of any sort, or at cross-walks, then many measurements will be affected by the stopped vehicle (which will be unrelated to congestion).

It is important that, as far as possible, the ROI is set so that the objects that are being counted enter and leave from the sides of the frame and not the top or bottom…

This is the answer I expected.
It’s not clearly communicated in the setup or pre-purchase information for the device.

Sorry to hear it wasn’t clear for you. It is in our requirements, and this link is at the top of the shop page:

We will try to do even more to bring this to the attention of any potential buyers.

In many cases, we work with networks that recruit candidates for devices that are bought and distributed by the local authority, so we have a chance to review the location and view before any devices are installed. However, we don’t want to stop individual campaigners from buying devices and finding ways to deploy them where they want to carry out counts.

I live close to a corner (5 metres) and it seems to cope ok. Its lined up to be parallel. I’m guessing its doing the a-b stuff no bother. up down is in view but disregarded. Once its done a year on one side I can move it to another window and do that side.

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