Meeting with your local government

Have you managed to set up a meeting with your local authority on mobility in your street or neighbourhood? Good job!!

You can find here some guidance to prepare this meeting to get the most out of it.

Prepare a presentation.

This will help you gather and present all the information you have in a clear and structured way beforehand. This will also help you to structure the meeting itself, and not let it drift.

What should definitely be in the presentation?

  1. Description of your street/neighbourhood and briefly list what the problems are (if issues have been collected by neighbours, be sure to mention how this was done and what the results were)

  2. The data from your Telraam(s), which will reinforce your bottlenecks. How best to analyse and visualise them? You will find a lot of guidance here:
    Data Analysis Tutorial for citizens
    Define your street profile
    Defining Your Street Profile: A Quick Guide

  3. Describe the feedback and the conversations you had with your neighbours about the data.
    How to start a conversation? Learn more here:
    Data Visualisation Kit: make Telraam the talk of the town

  4. Describe the ideas and solutions you have designed together with your neighbours.
    Don’t forget to also describe how you get to these ideas. You will find some help here:
    Design and communicate future desirable scenarios
    The children's dream street

  5. Set out, or ask about the next steps.