Matching tremor, vibration to traffic

Hi Telraam community,
I’m very new to Teleraam, just ordered one unit as a pilot for our street. Where I live, we have 2 main issues, speed and vibration, especially from heavy vehicles. We would like to consolidate info from a vibration sensor to traffic measured from Teleraam.
I’m wondering if anyone has an idea on how to capture tremor, vibration from the traffic and match it to the measurements made by the Telraam unit. Any Idea?

that’s actually an interesting question and I believe a number of members are researching this same issue.

I’m actually in a conversation with a University research professor doing something along these lines, but unfortunately there is a signal issue where he is based (in Manchester) that is interfering with the Telraam installation, but we are working on this together.

I will invite him to join us here and hopefully share some expertise

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Hi both,

David Healy’s approach is to use a Raspberry Shake ( to correlate ground vibration with (say, volume of) traffic. He has published a pre-print Listening to Manchester: Using citizen science Raspberry Shake seismometers to quantify road traffic.

David, Rochelle Taylor, and I are currently working on a machine-learning-based approach of estimating traffic volume based on characteristics of the RShake signal, and aim is to use our Telraam for collecting ground truth data. When we have our first publication out, I’ll share it here.

Hope this helps.

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