Lisbon experience feedback

Hi all,

I received my telraam about 1 month ago and I’m ready to provide my experience feedback.

I am based in Lisbon, and this city may have a different street profile standard than the ones we find on the “how to install your telraam”. For instance, there is never some gap between the window/building and the sidewalk, meaning that there is no space and angle to be able to count pedestrians on the building side.

I first installed the telraam in a high window on a ground floor, and the results were very bad as expected. Also, the camera fell down after 2 days because of the sun heat and the “tape” that was holding it.

Next, I installed it on an 1sr floor and the results improved a lot.
Nevertheless, the changes of shadow/sun at the street make the results very different from morning and the afternoon, with the pedestrians almost never being counted when the sidewalk is over sunlight.
This is the url: Telraam | Av Afonso III

Another thing that I noticed is that there is no “parking” option when describing the street profile, which I think can make a difference on the widths.

My first aim was to count pedestrians and bikes, so I am a bit disappointed so far. Maybe some calibration can be made in the future to adapt to this kind of environments and bring more reliable results!

Any feedback from a street profile & sunny like Lisbon?

Thank you @rosamfelix for your feedback. It is always great to hear from users from all over the world, even if there are any issues, so we can get more experience and try to help as much as possible.

The parking issue on the street profile will not make a difference to the count. The profile is only for information, and if you are interested, in order to ‘group’ similar roads for comparison reports. It won’t affect the data being collected in any way.

The main issue seems to be the counting in bright light and shadow. To be honest, there is not much we can do about this. In very bright light, there could be a substantial contrast difference between light and shadow areas, so the camera will have some trouble to be balanced for both light levels.

Have you tried setting the ROI in such a way that it is more directed at the road? By minimising the “extra” space where counting is not needed and which may still affect the light settings, it might be better at distinguishing objects in the shadows.

Let us know how it goes