Latest blog post: News and new features

A new blog post by @kris.vanherle has just been published.

There’s news on the latest developments to do with our Outdoor variant, data validation and night counts. If you have any comments or questions, please post them here and we’ll be happy to share the discussion.

Thanks for the update.

Love to see future efforts on:

  1. Ability to annotate any particular day or range with a note (“roadworks” “festival” and sadly “invasion & war”). I’m particularly interested in before and after speed effects of paving and roadway striping (which happens months after the paving in our area).

  2. A count of “unknown clusters”. Blobs say. At least say that they can’t be resolved or counted. These could be pedestrian clusters of course, or odd vehicles.

  3. V85 for two wheel vehicles. V85 excluding heavy goods vehicles or buses.

  4. And a future load of firmware focused on compliance:
    Right turn on red, speeding, stop sign compliance, stop line compliance for cars.

  5. A wider angle region of interest, and greater flexibility in setting the ROI.

  6. An outdoor mountable non-solar version, with a standard threaded mounting bracket so the camera can be angled using a standard security camera bracket.

Is the data subscription plan per device? It’s not specified in the blog post or product pages.

Yes, it is.

  • A data subscription costs €15 per device, per month
  • A network subscription costs €25 per device, per month and includes the Data subscription as well as network features

(note: we charge for 12 months but you can extend)

You can see this in the shop