Impact new mobility plan in Kessel-Lo (Leuven)

Is anyone (team Telraam or user) working on or planning a (systematic) review of the impact of the new mobility plan that was implemented in Kessel-Lo on August 28? I am especially interested in the impact on the volume of motorized vehicles, both locally (individual streets) and more broadly (Kessel-Lo as a whole and neighborhoods/sectors, e.g. north and south of the N2).

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I suspect that is something that @kris.vanherle and @wouter.florizoone would have knowledge of

Hi Gert & Karen, with Telraam, we’re not directly involved and we’ve not been engaged by the city to do an analysis of the impact using Telraam data. However, I know for a fact the city is using Telraam data as one data stream to evaluate the impact of the new mobility plan. In that sense, it’d be good to re-activate Telraam devices to collect data in this crucial period, immediately after the interventions.

Given this is right in our backyard, I’m not ruling out we’ll do an analysis ourselves (insofar we have the time) and maybe publish a blogpost. I might be doing this “after working hours” :wink:


Pretty happy we have a Telraam counting in our street for years now. Looking at the data A LOT again since the new mobility plan. And i just put 2 Mondays next to each other (a monday in June, before the mobility plan) and a Monday in September (after the mobility plan). And yes, we are happy :).

telraam maandag 4 september platte lo

and just looking at the modal split (June/Sept) already is incredibly satisfying.