If I buy an S2 (for personal use), can a municipality view all the detailed historic data later?

So two questions

  • If I buy an S2 now and install it. Then a year or two down the line our municipality wants to work with Telraam and get the data/network subscription. Will they have access to the high res info from my S2? Or will it only start collecting high res data once the network/data subscription is started?
  • if I ". Will the municipality easily be able to integrate MY S2 into their telraam dashboards and whatever. Both from a ‘are all of them online’ and a ‘collect all the data in one place’ standpoints.

Great questions Thibault and thank you for joining us.

  1. Yes! Our S2 devices always collect all the data and we store this for future research, even if we don’t display it for everyone at the time. The subscription makes this visible, but the data exists in the back-end.

    It means that if you wanted to get the device in place but didn’t need, or couldn’t afford, the data subscription today, the data will be available to you and your community in future

  2. The municipality could invite your device into their network, but you would have to opt-in if you wanted to become part of that network.

    However, it is possible for the municipality (and others, such as research organisations, or other mobility-related organisations) to pay a subscription to view the detailed data for devices that have been gathering data without you needing to become part of their network.

    This might be, for example, if a local network was created for one purpose (e.g. vehicle traffic monitoring) but then another organisation wanted access to the detailed data (e.g. on active travel modes), but did not need to ‘take over’ the existing network.

Overall the idea is that not everyone in a community has the right location for gathering data, but everyone is affected by the traffic it is counting, so every device is not just for personal benefit, but it also has a wider community and local benefit to share with others.

I assume you are happy with this idea?