How to remove a Telraam from map?

A Telraam camera will be removed and won’t be reinstalled. How to remove completely the Telraam, so that also the grey indication on map will be removed?

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Hi @abenduntergang - that’s a really good question and one I am investigating, so I apologise for not having replied yet.

For background, is this an individual/independent device, or one that was part of a particular network for a town/city/region?

And, while I do this research, can I also ask you a question?

Do you think it would be valuable to keep some kind of indication on the map that there is archived traffic data for this segment of road even though there is no longer a device there to get new data?

It occurs to me that removing this indication also removes a chance for users to see the data.

Hello Rob, indeed completely removing the indication is a lost of historical data. Idea of a special indication like you mention is a good one.
Well i organize a bit my own network, i contact, install, manage the telraam devices for those who are interested in Oosterzele. As i remember correctly it was not yet possible the set up a particular network beside the existing ones.
I asked about removing because the owners where I installed a Telraam doesn’t want to use further. Continuous I want to use this Telraam as a replacement on a place where the Telraam device is broken.
Brings me to a second question, what can i do with a Telraam which is broken? But it’s maybe better I post this question at another topic, not?

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Lots of great questions for so many different, and important, conversations.

Regarding the mapping, you are correct. At this stage, the Telraam map will continue to show the data for that segment because the historical data needs to have a home somewhere.

However, there is already a difference between segments of road with historic data where the camera is no longer sending data (and in most cases may no longer be there), and cameras that are temporarily not sending data.

At the moment, these are two shades of grey, with a dark grey being a ‘quiet’ camera, and light grey being a historic segment.

You can see an example of two near each other here near Mechelen: Telraam

We realise the differentiation could be clearer, and this is under consideration and I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

With regards to the broken / surplus device, please do post as a separate conversation as I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts as well :slight_smile: