How can I reset ROI to factory settings?

I’ve tried several ROI settings, and have currently settled on 1 to try and capture as much left-right movement as possible.

I have a couple of trees I can’t do much about, and the angle of the camera is the best spot I can get it.

I also have a hedge, which blocks pedestrians on this side of the street, and parked cars that block the other side. Not ideal, but I’m central London and don’t have much choice.

I 'm wondering if it would be better for me to reset the ROI to factory settings, and let Telraam decide on its own? I suppose I could just reset the entire device, bit it seems like it would be helpful to have a “Reset to factory ROI” button on the “Camera Images” screen.

Any suggestions?

This would be my ideal ROI:


Tree on the pavement at the left, overhanging tree on the right, and hedge across the middle of the picture obscures the pedestrians. :-/


Interesting challenge :slight_smile:

Yes, the hedge will obscure some of the pedestrians on this side, but hopefully we can see enough of them that the AI will still recognise them as pedestrians. Cars and bikes on the road should be fine. The view of pedestrians on the far side will be limited, but hopefully they’ll be recognised as they appear from behind the tree and before they disappear behind the next.

We do not have full flexibility on the ROI at this stage, so we need to go with the options available to us.

There’s no need to re-set it. I would suggest you try setting 2 in this case and see how that works.

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There’s no need to re-set it. I would suggest you try setting 2 in this case and see how that works.

I have a similar issue.
Is there a way to reset the ROI to factory defaults?
What setting is the default?

I wish to move a Telraam

There is no need to reset a device to move it. The device has no ‘memory’ as such, as the data is on our server, so it is linked by the user account and linked location segment.

If you are setting up the same device (that has already been counting) on a new segment, then you simply go through the installation process with that device in a new location.

You can either do this with the same account or a new account.

If you want to keep the same account, and leave the previous data on the original segment, then go to the ‘Setup’ option on your dashboard. At the bottom is a link to “Start new setup”. It will then start fresh on that new location but still be accessed through your account.

I you want to start a new account (e.g. you are giving the device to someone else) then simply give them the device and have them install it as a new device with their own account. In this case, your link to the device is stopped, and the data will be kept for reference.

Hope that helps

So the new location gets a new default ROI?
This does not make sense, because the ROI has to be on device so the AI can operate and count, right?

What if I want to reset the ROI to “automatic” back at the original location?

Yes, setting up a device on a new segment (at a new location) will mean that the device there will start with the default / auto ROI configuration. We always recommend that the user then sets the best ROI from their perspective to make it as accurate as possible.

I’m not sure I understand this fully, but in essence the ROI is configured for the ‘pair’ of a device + location, so moving it means that this pair is broken and a new ROI should be set

I don’t think this is an option at the moment as we assume that the ROI that is chosen will always have a reason, and so returning to the potential variability of the auto setting makes less sense. This exists to get up and running, but we rely on human skill over that AI selection where possible.