Help choosing ROI

Hi all,

I’m hosting a Telraam counter on behalf of my local councillors. As the data will hopefully be used to support policy changes, I’d like to ensure that I don’t mess anything up through lack of understanding.

Please could you advise me on which section to choose for my ROI? Many thanks.

thanks for joining and for posting this question @tomhalvarsson

the view is slightly tricky because of the hedge. The same qualities that make it a lovely natural feature and a barrier to noise, pollution and more … do make it a barrier to our counts :frowning:

The choice of ROI needs to balance having as much of the lanes visible, with minimising the field where the device needs to monitor so as to pick up objects.

In your case I think the best option is probably ROI 3 so it get ass much of the far side pavement as we can. It does make the near-side pavement view rather limited, so if you are not picking up pedestrians on this side (because the disappear before being detected and recognised) then you could try ROI 2.

Try these, and see what emerges

Keep us updated!

Thanks Rob. I’ll try 3 and spend some time this weekend monitoring the camera to check that it’s picking everything up.

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