Have you seen our Take Action Map?

One of the issues that users raised when we discussed the launch of this community, was the ability to locate their messages in a specific place. After all, many of us have campaigns that are about the streets next to our homes and our communities.

In response, we have a tool in the #action category that allows you to link your post to a location - even if it is not where you are based, to give your readers more context.

As you can see, we have a few ‘geo-located’ comments already. You can use this to find a conversation around a specific country, town or street, or you can simply browse the stories being told around the world.

To find this, go to the Take Action category (not the home page) by clicking on the icon, and in the menu you can see the ‘Map’ button.

To add a location to your post, create your post as normal, then before you finish, select the ‘add location’ button here:

You can then enter a location by searching for it (using town and country at least), then click on ‘Find Address’ and then choose a suitable option from the list in the window.

We look forward to seeing how wide we can make our stories spread around the map :earth_africa: and what you think of this feature


Wooow ! This is actually a really cool feature! Well, at least, I think it’s a cool feature. I can think of numerous opportunities to put this mapto use in trajectories with citizens, street discussions, municipal hearings and so on . Let’s try to grow the amount of locations :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I created a topic on the map (using the step-by-step approach as you pointed out, thanks for thta!) but my topic doesn’t seem to show on the map; Is there a delay or some moderation for this kind of topics, or am I doing something wrong?



Looks like you did it all right but after adding the address, you need to click the ‘Find Address’ button and then select the best option from those available. Did you do this? There’s no delay or moderation.

I’ve fixed it for you and it is now on the map :slight_smile:

Oh, and for the ‘name’ you don’t need to add your name, but maybe that of the location, such as “Town Hall” for example. You can always change that

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thanks a lot for clarifying! I did indeed forget to push ‘Find Adress’ but then edited the post and pushed it, but it didn’t show on the map. Anyway, it’s on the map now, so all good! Thanks!

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