Future transport events worth attending

Do you know of any exciting, “visionary” or unique events happening in your city or country that others might want to know about?

There are certainly many happening, but we might not always hear about them.

We could share a list in this topic so we can all choose to jump in to relevant ones. Ideally these should be free to attend, and accessible for any Telraam Talks member (and if not, please mark them as paid / restricted), with virtual attendance options.

I came across this really interesting event happening this month in London.

The speakers look really interesting and worth listening to and will probably have insights of value to us wherever we are living.

The event is free (but you have to submit a question to the panel - what a great idea!) and I believe is online.

It is being organised by Possible, and as they are working with Telraam to get some devices into London, they are represented here at the moment by @akwesi.osei who may be able to provide more insight into the event if you want it.

See you there!?


On 7 December 2022, three European projects focused on making digital mobility systems more inclusive will present their insights, tools and recommendations in Brussels. The event is free of charge. Registrations are open till 23 November. Virtual attendance is, unfortunately, not possible.

For those who’d like to learn more about the crossroads between mobility, digitalisation and social equality/inclusion: this is your place to be!

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