Frequent resets: How to troubleshoot?

In the past two weeks or so, my Telraam S2 has frequently (i.e. at least daily) reset itself to the screen with the QR code. The count data overall looks okay, but there are low quality periods in the data. How do I best troubleshoot this? Nothing about my setup has changed.

If the device resets to show the QR code it will be because it has decided it needed to reconnect for some reason, It could be because he signal dropped out, or because the device decided that something was not working correctly.

There’s nothing you need to do as a user, but if you let us know we can look into it. In most cases it should not be an issue. You may lost a few minutes of data, but hopefully nothing major unless it happens a lot.

As you were testing the night count feature, this could be related to the new firmware we’ve deployed, so this will also be analysed as part of the review process, so we will get back in touch if we need to do anything further