Facilitating citizen involvement in decision making

Form partnerships

  • Involve key decision makers from the outset - seek out the ones most willing and able to work together
  • Spend time demonstrating the added value of your work

Create a dedicated work package

  • Establish a dedicated group to focus on policy implementation, including both the citizen and the cities voice

Train citizens

  • Offer training in community organising and advocacy


  • Share consultations, campaigns and relevant activities that citizens can get involved with

Provide opportunities to meet policymakers

  • Create opportunities for citizens to present their evidence and ask for the resources they require/ changes they need to see
  • Seek out existing opportunities (e.g. citizen assemblies and participatory budgeting) too

Reflection and legacy

  • Take time to reflect on how the process went, and the ways in which the citizens efforts can be used post-project
  • Support them to apply for funding or connect them to relevant organisations or follow-on projects

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