Direct sunlight on window significantly reduces count for Telraam v2

My Telraam counter has been plagued by incorrect vehicle counts the past week and a half. There is an official vehicle counter down the street from me, so I’m able to compare and rule out actual changes in traffic.

From the trends it’s clear that something happens to the count between 14 and 15 every day in this period. Since we’ve had sunny weather, and because of the timing, I’m leaning towards direct sunlight on the window being the cause.



Compared to official traffic counter:

From the data analysis, it’s also apparent that counting the far side of the street is more affected than counting the near side of the street.

I can’t easily hang something outside the window to block the sun. Is there anything else I can do?


Please see this post with bundled feedback for this location: Other vehicles incorrectly detected as cyclists/two-wheelers? - #37 by kris.vanherle