Device status "Installing" not correct


the device status “Installing” for the device Telraam | Heiligenberger Straße is wrong. Please correct the status.


Hi Roland - thanks for the alert and sorry to hear this. I will pass this on to the support desk.

In general, the ‘support and feedback’ section of the community is meant for discussion topics or more public data as this is not meant to be a customer service platform. We’re happy to discuss any issues here that others may also face so we can improve our product or documentation (such as detection issues for example).

If you have a single device issue (that you can’t resolve via the FAQs), then the best option is to email as we can then more easily create a ticket and get someone to look into the issue for you. It means we can share private information better and directly.


Hi Rob,

thank you for the information. Then I will use the support email address.


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Hi Roland!

The device status for Heiligenberger Straße is “Is counting” now.

I see the user linked to this Telraam has another account (same name, different mailadres) on a different street, but with the same streetsegment (no serial nr entered yet). This status is indeed on “installing”, but I don’t know if (s)he has 2 Telraam devices to install… My guess is this person started an installation on a first account, then made a second account and did the installation of the Telraam on this second account.

Does this answer your question / issue?

Happy to help you out anytime.

Hi Elke,

I think, the device moved to another location. If I outboard the device (user) with installation date from 11.07.22, does that have any impact to the second user with the same device number which is currently counting?


This won’t have an impact, because a device number can only be linked to 1 installation at the time.

  • user 1 installs Telraam device with device number 123456789, the installation is succesful and the device starts counting
  • user 1 gives his/her Telraam device, with this devicenumber 12345678, to another user (or uses it himself with a different useraccount) and completes an installation with this device number. The Telraam device installation of user 1 will automatically be stopped because the device number was used in a new installation.

For your specific case, you can see that for the installation date of 11.07.22 there is no device number entered here (device number = serial number).

What will happen when you outboard the user with installation date of 11.07.22 → the device status will change to “stopped” instead of “installing”.

Just as an FYI, we published an FAQ article recently on all these statuses and their meaning → Information on your users: device status, detailed device status, set-up (installation) steps and data packages. If you have the chance to have a read through it and there would be something not clear, please let us know because we want to make sure network admins (like you) understand these statuses to be able to follow-up users :slight_smile:

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Where should I find the missing device number in the user’s account from 11.07?

You can’t find it anywhere.
The user normally has to enter the serial number at the end of the installation during the step “register”.

This user didn’t do this, (S)he left the field “serial number” open:

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Hi Roland,

I reread your question and wanted to complete my information by saying that each Telraam device has it’s own unique device number (the serial number). This number should be entered during installation by the user in one of the last steps (“register”).

So only the user with the Telraam device knows the serial number and if (s)he did not enter it during registration there is no way to know what the serial number is for this user and their device.

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