Counting traffic in darkness

As stated in Wat en hoe je Telraam telt en niet telt S2 can’t count in darkness. Could you shed a light on how and when it will be possible to measure traffic also in darker early morning and late evening hours? We heard that this would be possible in the future after a firmware update. Is this correct? Many thanks.

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Hi @dirk1 - indeed, this is the case at the moment. The S2 does not currently count in the hours of darkness.

We are actively working on the night count algorithm and refining it so that the numbers are accurate which will involve further testing and validation.

This is already happening, and Telraam Talks members may even get a chance to be involved with the process soon (I’ll be announcing details in the near future), but it is not yet ready and we prefer not to give a specific date until we are more certain.

When it is ready, it will be installed on all S2 devices remotely with a software update being “pushed” to devices, so you should not need to do anything.

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