Counting noise - best device by Waag

RIVM designates Waag sound meter as most reliable
In RIVM’s recently published research on the reliability of home-built sound meters, Waag Futurelab comes out on top. The open-source sound meter - the Amsterdam Sounds kit - that Waag developed in the Amsterdam Sounds project proved to be the most reliable and stable after extensive testing. Self-built meters allow residents to measure noise themselves and map their nuisance. Reliability of the meter is important because the more reliable the data, the stronger residents are in the conversation about noise pollution.

a copy from this article from the Waag website: sound meter

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ooh, thanks @Ferrie - that even looks nice.

It isn’t clear from the article whether this is exclusively indoor or also outdoor device. Do you know?

If anyone has particular noise issues, this could be handy. We have issues with aircraft as they land here (so not related to the traffic) and it would be interesting to capture this information on an ongoing basis for a local campaign

it is an outdoor device - otherwise you miss “the noise” :wink:

BTW: you can make it yourself if you have an 3D printer - electronics are well descriped at Github - links in the article

Is it possible to power the device by a small battery and a solar panel? I’m looking for an outdoor solution which don’t need a power cable which I can integrate in my current particular matter sensor,

as for several other devices - you can - counting is necessary - how much power you need - for how long - that kind of things

other way to find out is just experimenting

Now I’m back from my long cycling tour and I will build and test the Adafruit sound sensor with Heltec ESP32 Lora v2 and a solar panel based power solution. Winter time is good for testing solar based solutions. I will use GitHub - meekm/LoRaSoundkit: This Soundkit sensor measures continuously audible sound by analyzing the data using FFT for my project. It is very interesting, that it uses one cpu for the noise loop and the other cpu for LoRa processing.

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