Counting lit streets in the winter/dark

I see in the overview that Telraam v2 can’t count in the dark. That makes sense. In the middle of winter, we have darkness from 16 to 09, so this would drastically reduce the effectiveness.

But what if the street is lit?

I have also noticed that my S2 stops counting when you can easily see cars and bikes. I think that the sensitivity of the sensor is not totally optimal, which surprises me a little compared to what you now find on cheap phones.

This is likely to bias the measurements as total cars are not normalised to the effective counting time.


At what time/darkness level does that occur?

For reference, a useful day/night visualization: Day and Night World Map

We never have “night” at this time of year, only nautical twilight, and it seems to be able to keep counting through that in a sense. I can’t vouch for the accuracy, though.