Connectivity issues with S2 in San Francisco? [RESOLVED]

Hi! I know there are some other San Franciscans here, so thought I’d ask - has anyone had problems connecting an S2 to the network in SF?

I’m in the Mission on a smaller side street, and was curious about traffic, so I bought a Telraam on a lark. It does appear to connect occasionally (primarily at night, as best as I can tell?) but not reliably. In particular it hasn’t yet uploaded a picture so I can’t set the ROI.

Any tips/suggestions for debugging and improving things?

Update: after quick chat with the team, I did the obvious thing of “move it” and just a few inches got it working; probably something within the window frame was blocking it. Now to find a slightly longer USB-C cord…

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Ah, good to know. You must have particularly secure windows blocking even data signals :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it has been resolved.

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