Classification of cars

I am proud to announce that I update the Telraam and reinstalled it. However now it s counted too many big cars versus regul


Congratulations! Was it easy enough to do?

With the counting, it is possible that the device needs to go through calibration again. It might be good to give it a short while to see if it settles down to previous levels

If I understand you correctly, I don’t have to do anything but wait. Oké. l ll do.

Data is still incorrect.

Hi Diana, and thanks for sharing this issue here.

Can you confirm how it is you know that the data is incorrect? Is it just that it is very different from the data you saw before the operating system update, or is there another reason you think this is incorrect?

Is the camera still in the same location as it was before the update?

This information will help us, and maybe @davedriesmans or @kris.vanherle will have some further thoughts on how we can improve the data accuracy in your case - and others like it

Hi Diana,
The calibration happens automatically +/- every 10 days, so not just with a new installation.
It’s clear that it’s wrong at the moment but i would give it another 5 days as we have now 5-6 days of too many heavy vehicles:

was it easy?
I was lucky that I had a employee at the store that showed me a microcardreader, which I happen to have at home.
I followed the steps and the link that "Telraam " sent to me to help with the installation. I did once cancel it all and restart. Some of the smaller steps read out differently on my PC but I made it. I delayed it for weeks for no reason… haha But “the fine dust from lufdaten Madavi” took me much longer. that sensor is delicate to assemble.
Thanks for asking.