Citizen Science Toolkit - creating your research programme

I came across this great website today and thought I would share it here.

If you are a campaigner and are thinking of putting together a research programme to gather traffic data, but also to design how you can involve others, and what data you will need to answer the key questions your local authority might ask, then this might help.

They break the tools into four useful steps:

1 - Identification

Start with an issue that citizens care about

2 - Co-design

Co-design the research study and give decisions to citizens

3 - Deployment

Deploy data collection and human relations

4 - Action

Plan the action to drive changes

In our case, step 1 is reasonably clear: traffic!

However, there are many ways to involve your local community in the design and data gathering, including individual devices, running a network, lobbying for local funds, combining Telraam data with manual validations, etc. There can be lots of different approaches.

If you’re thinking about how you might tackle this, I hope this site might give you inspiration as well as toolkits to make this easier. And there is always the Telraam Talks community that can offer advice as well.

If you do use this, please let us know what you found most useful


thanks for sharing this initiative, Rob
it can be very useful in the a situation in the village where i live :ok_hand:

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