Can we trust AI to share our vision of our future?

There’s been a lot of talk about how AI is going to revolutionise our world, and we’re partly on that train ourselves at Telraam, leveraging the power of neural networks and AI to recognise objects and carry out counting and organising tasks in the new Telraam S2.

However, what many people have got excited about over recent months has been CREATIVE AI, and the ability for computers to create artwork and content, seemingly like magic.

These are tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E and DeepAI amongst others.

Have you tried them yet?

I thought I would see what it is that these creative ‘intelligences’ would create when asked for something we all aspire to:

… the idyllic urban street in a liveable city

After all, if AI is going to be embedded into a lot of decision-making tools, then we need to know what it “sees” for the future based on what it has been taught.


I shared the same prompt with DeepAI and DALL-E: “an idyllic view of an urban street in a liveable city in 2023” … and here are their responses.

I think you’ll agree with my view that neither of these is what I would define as “idyllic”. The scene is still very much built around the car, hard surfaces and tall buildings, although some life is visible:




I then asked ChatGPT something similar: “Describe an idyllic urban street in a liveable city in 2023”. I found this quite a bit closer to the mark:

An idyllic urban street in a liveable city in 2023 might look like this:

The street is tree-lined and shaded, with a mix of residential and commercial buildings. The buildings are well-maintained and of varying architectural styles, adding character and interest to the street. There is a mix of independent businesses and national chains, with storefronts that are attractive and inviting.

The street is busy, but not overwhelmingly so. There is a balance between car traffic, public transportation, and bicycles, with dedicated lanes for each mode of transportation. There is a feeling of safety and security on the street, with a visible presence of law enforcement and community policing programs.

The street is pedestrian-friendly, with wide sidewalks and ample seating for people to rest and enjoy the outdoors. There are also public spaces for gatherings and events, such as a small park or plaza.

Overall, the street is a vibrant and lively place that is comfortable and enjoyable for all members of the community.

So, just for fun, I used this more complete text instead as the prompt for the image generators, and found these to be a lot better.

DALL-E (one with, one without cars)


What do you think? Would you trust AI to help develop the “idyllic street of the future” on our behalf?

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can we trust AI?
at the beginning of 2017 i made a polyphonic transition from a voice to music with the help of YouCompose - an AI driven app for composition - for those who are interested:

Koos koos in vijf

after this one i made 8 other pieces with the help of AI
what i can say is that AI has helped me a lot to make experimental music in the past years
the question always is: what are you going to do with it?

my answer maybe clear😉

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that’s really interesting @Ferrie - I must admit I had not heard of AI for composing before (or not thought about it) but will pass on the concept to my kids who are much more musical than me.

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I forgot to mention that I did come across an interesting, and more specific, application of AI to urban planning and street design.

This team use AI to create new visions of existing streets so that the image can be used for proposals and campaigns. I think this is great


Interesting to see these AI examples @Rob_Telraam ! Thanks for sharing
I used the chatGPT to write some poems (specifically a Telraam New Year poem):

As the year draws to a close,
We wanted to express our gratitude and propose
A toast to all our friends,
For supporting Telraam’s data-driven trends.

Thanks to your involvement and collaboration,
We’ve seen traffic patterns improve across the nation.
Pedestrian and cyclist safety is on the rise,
And we’re excited to see what the new year will advise.

So here’s to a successful new year,
May your data be clean and your algorithms clear.
From the Telraam team, cheers to all,
And here’s to continuing to stand tall.

It’s fun to play with, but I’m curious how it all will evolve and how it will help us, but equally will challenge us.


AI is heel interessant ! ; het is zoals Veerboot zegt : “wat ga je er mee doen ?”
Dynamiet was een fantastische uitvinding door Nobel, totdat men er een oorlog mee begon…
En toch kan je innovatieve technieken niet tegen houden.
Het is een klassiek Pareto-principe : in 80% van de gevallen zal het zeer nuttig zijn; in 20% van de gevallen zal er misbruik zijn.
Ik heb nooit anders gekend…

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