Can I have more than 1 telraam counter on my account?

I would like to install a few counters in the streets in my municipality. Can it be linked to my account?

In general, each device is independent and there is a single licence to allow you access all the data from that device. You can also then see the public data from other devices, but they would also be separate, independent devices, although you could access data from more than one using the API.

It is possible to link several devices into a network so as to collect data, and engage with participants who are hosting those devices, in a single group.

It does, however, require a different access and dashboard, and this is what we offer to mobility professionals and campaign groups. If this is relevant to you, please do click below and read this and let me know if you want to discuss it further:

Where is your municipality? Is this something that they would be considering supporting?