Camera not working during setup

Hi there, first time user here. I have a Pi 3b v1.2 and a Pi camera module 2 that I’m trying to set up. I’ve got as far as connecting to the wifi of the Telraam in the setup phase and am looking at a screen that helps me install the camera on the window. But I cannot see an image in the camera preview - just a big grey icon with a diagonal black line through it.

I’m presuming that the Pi and camera aren’t communicating. The camera is brand new, never used before. I’ve properly connected the ribbon to the board connector and the same is true at the camera end. The cable doesn’t appear to be damaged.

Is there any way to proceed? I also have a Pi 4 that I can use, but I understand software isn’t available for this?

You’re using the right components, so there’s no reason for it not to work. We typically use a Pi 3A+ in combo with a v2 camera module, but it should work with any Pi3 variant. Strange…
I’d say check the connectors of the camera cable, make sure they’re not connected the wrong side. To exclude any HW issue wit the camera, do a quick check on the camera (for example: How Do I Know if My Raspberry Pi Camera is Working? – RaspberryTips)

If you can connect to the hotspot mode, both software & the Pi itself are working properly, so the only thing I can imagine is HW problem with the camera…

I tested it today on a 4b I have and that can’t see it either, so I think the camera is faulty. I’ve requested a replacement from the seller.


Well I have a camera module 3 which I know works (tested it on a couple of Pi’s) and I now have a 3a+ and I still cannot get setup to work. I still see no camera image on my phone :frowning:

aaah, but you have a camera module v3, right? It should be V2. I don’t think anyone ever tested with a cameramodule V3 (we didin’t), so I don’t know if it’s compatible but can clearly imagine it’s not compatbile with anything else than the V2 module. That’s because we do change some deep settings in the cameramodule as well. Didn’t you get a swap for your (probably defectuous?) V2 cameramodule?..

Turns out the software can’t see a v3 camera, only a v2, which I now have.

Considering the v2 camera appears to be out of production, that might be something that needs addressing.

Indeed, the Telraam V1 was designed for a v2 camera module as Kris points out:

Unfortunately we are no longer developing the software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, and so integrating later cameras or upgraded processors is unlikely to happen. Hopefully there should be plenty of older cameras and devices around for a while longer.

Ah that’s annoying. I didn’t know production was discontinued by Raspberry!

As Rob mentioned, we’re not developing the V1 anymore, but we do still have a small stock of spare parts. I can send you a V2 camera-module from our own stock to help you out. (We likely won’t ever need them anymore, so it’s dead stock aynway…)

reach out to me via, provide me your address and I’ll send you a camera V2

Many thanks for the offer, I have a v2 camera so I will decline. For now I’m just keeping an eye on the count. For some reason it stopped counting today.