Brussels circulation plan and Telraam

Telraam was featured today in De Standaard in an article on traffic circulation plans in Brussel, Gent & Leuven!

As a reminder, the Brussel city authorities are using Telraam for the monitoring/evalution of the circulation plan.

Here’s the article (paywall):


Always great to see Telraam getting more profile.

For those of us who can’t access it, or read it even if we could :wink: , can you give us a sense of the article?

Does the media in Belgium generally support traffic planning, or it is like the UK where the approach is very much more sceptical?

Hot topic for sure, in many cities!

This article in particular focuses on those citizens that live in streets with increased traffic as a consequence of changes in the traffic planning, either intentionality (pushing traffic to a few main roads) or unintentionally (unexpected rat running opportunities of the altered plan).

I’d say it’s one of the best situations where Telraam can be of use

Yes, I see lots of references to traffic on “Boundary Roads” in the UK relating to LTNs

It will be fascinating to be able to have hard (Telraam) data on traffic on these roads to add value to these discussions everywhere. Thanks!