Breaking news: S2 details published on our site - looking for feedback

I’m very excited to have YOU, the Telraam Talks community, be the first to know that we’ve published a lot more detail about the Telraam S2 device on our website.

I would love to get your feedback on the device, the information, pricing, packages and the translations (notamment les traductions des pages en français. J’ai fait de mon mieux, mais je serais reconnaissant pour toute correction) Maybe @olivier.vattier or @philippe.germeau can help?

You’ll see a number of photos and images to give you a better feel for the device, and for the more professional audience, there’s also more detail on the new pricing models.

We are still progressing along the timeline we mentioned in our previous announcement. We’re currently testing and validating the data models, we have a small batch of custom-made devices coming in early 2023 for a major pilot project, and expect the S2 to be generally available for new projects from the end of March 2023.

What do you think? Are you as excited about this as we are? I hope so!!


looks good - we probably will order one - hopefully there will be a discount for early users? :nerd_face:

one question already:
will it be possible to connect Telraam with Domoticz to have some countings there?

there is an API at the moment but that is too complex for me to understand, sorry :persevere:

Thank you so much @Ferrie

I don’t know about Domoticz but I am sure that @kris.vanherle or @davedriesmans might be able to answer that. There should be no change to the API access, but whether you can connect them is beyond me too :slight_smile:

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My clever colleague not only created some of the cool renders of the S2, including the expanded look at the interior, but also this nice animation - thought you might enjoy


Hi Ferrie, no, that won’t be possible. It seems to use the same protocol (MQQT), but the new S2 device will send only to our servers. There’s no interface to redirect the data-flow of devices. Better option will be to go indirect and use the Telraam-API to call the data from your device, which will still be possible as is the case now. So I don’t think there’s a good solution if that’s too complicated I’m afraid.

thank you @kris.vanherle, i will make a request (new post) to our fellow Telraam users if anyone can help me with this API stuff

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How is the energy consumption of the S2 sensor? Is it low enough to connect a solarpanel/battery, does it work even in winter time?

Hi Roland, welcome to Telraam Talks! :slight_smile:

We’ve been testing power consumption and it’s about 1 watt. For a whole month about 1kWh. We’re exploring if we can make a stand-alone variant, using a solar panel + battery. I didn’t do the math, but would expect we can get by with a small solar panel (+/- 25cm x 25cm).

Not sure what impact is of the cold on power consumption; maybe a small heater might be needed, not sure. We’re investigating…

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Hi Kris,
this sounds good. Maybe, this device could help:

I use this device for my own particular matter sensor:

The problem is the winter period. Therefore I changed the small solar panel from the picture into a bigger one (6 watt from Voltaic systems)


Good stuff! I’ve shared that with our partners who’re looking into the design. Tx!

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