Blog: An update on the new Telraam sensor

We published this news on our blog, but if you have any questions or comments, you can post them here.

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If you have any further questions about the S2, please post them here.

We are currently working on some new materials for the S2 (descriptions, specifications, pricing, etc.) and it would be good to know what else you would be interested to know about it

Rob - the specs for the S2 sensor state that it consumes <300mW of power (so 0.3W or 0,3W depending on where you live…) - this seems very low - the Pi based sensor draws ~3W during the day, dropping to 0.5W overnight when it’s ‘sleeping’. Is this figure correct? (consumption of 300mA @5V would be closer to an expected value but still on the low side).

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Welcome to Telraam Talks Andy! :slight_smile:

Good point! The 300mW refers to the K210 (i.e. the AI-chip), which is low for an AI-chip (Jetson Nano is closer to 10W), but indeed the whole sensor consumes a bit more power because of the LCD-screen.

We’ve been monitoring power consumption with a power meter to verify. We’ve found it’s somewhere between 1.2-1.7W, so still lower than the Pi (!!!)


That’s very impressive, a ~40% reduction in power consumption will benefit in lots of ways.
Ta for the update (worth pointing out that my 3W is based on a Pi 3B+ not the official version, which may be a little cooler - I’ll try to check… - before anyone quotes my 40% saving!)
Well done. Again.

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