Automated alerts regarding your Telraam device

The Telraam Team are planning to add some automated email alerts to the system that will let hosts know that their device is offline - in case something has happened but they are unaware or need help.

What do you think of this idea?

How often would you like to receive a notification to let you know that no data is being received?

Also, on the assumption that there is an issue you know about but you can’t, or do not want to, fix it, when should the reminders stop?

Note: traffic data is sent on an hourly basis, so if the device is not connected during the scheduled time for the update, that hour will not be included in the dashboard analysis. Therefore, the longer it is offline, the bigger the data gap for that device.

I think this is a good thing. Especially to see whether someone is still actively using Telraam. I think that feedback should definitely be asked for: is there a technical problem, does someone no longer wish to actively use Telraam, … How many reminders? I think 2 or 3 with an interval of e.g. 2 weeks.
This topic also leads me to the following question: in Mechelen, for example, I see that the Telraam on the Frans Halsvest probably gives data relating to the R12 (Cityring) on the other side of the Dijle instead of the street itself. Can such info - once known - also be passed on to hosts?


Thanks for your input, that’s really useful @koenbaele

When you say, can we let hosts know, do you mean that it should be possible for friendly neighbours to be aware and get in touch with the hosts? Or have I misunderstood?

Either such information could be conveyed indirectly to other hosts through Telraam; or indeed the possibility could be created for hosts to be contacted by friendly neighbors or other hosts to pass on such information. The latter may well lead to greater involvement between hosts and local residents.

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That’s an interesting suggestion. I’d have to think how it might work, but I can definitely see the ‘community’ aspect of this :slight_smile:

I guess that if a device is part of a formal Telraam network in a town or region then there will already be some kind of structure in place and this may include getting in touch with volunteer hosts in order to keep the cameras active.

Where it might be most useful, and most community-driven, would be to have some kind of “local” group so that individual devices might still be connected in some way so that users could support each other - not just to keep a device active, but also to troubleshoot other issues, or to share data.

It would probably have to be opt-in so hosts could choose to join or not.

I wonder what people’s thoughts on this would be?