API limit - please make it more flexible

hi all and special the Telraam techies,

i’d remembered reading a message probably by mail about the limit on the API

wonder if that is already working - today i needed to count all the traffic that passed myTelraam in Akkrum, the Netherlands
now i know that i have to limit the data to a max of 6 months in one query to get any result

but today i only could make 2 queries - no results after that anymore - an empty screen was all i got

found a solution to make the queries smaller - this topic maybe closed

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Glad you found a solution

Yes, I think there is a limit on exports just to make it manageable and to avoid overloading the servers with requests.

I look forward to seeing the results of your analysis

done some calculations based on myTelraam over the two full years it is running now (V01)
its all about a long running plan to build a large expansion of a existing holiday parc from 90 to 290 houses
attached the simplified graphics of 3 aspects of the expansion- the impact on our village

Traffic movements

Speed growth

Hectare comparison

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