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in the Admin-GUI the diagnostics menu shows “Wifi 5ghz”, but my Telraam is connected to a 2,4 GHz WLAN. Is there no differentiation between 5 and 2,4 GHz?


Hi Roland, that’s interesting! The logs include information from the previous day, so it is possible the device switched from 5 → 2.4 overnight. Most routers have both bandwiths.
Now, 5Ghz doesn’t have to a be problem if you’re close to the router, but we’ve seen the Pi doesn’t react well to 5Ghz wifi networks, so we prefer to link to 2.4.

Have a look what software version you have; if it’s not v11, you could consider upgrading to the latest version. As of v11, we force Telraam to connect to 2.4G if it’s available. Again, only needed if you experience intermittency in the data connection.

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Hi Kris,

my version is V11c. Yesterday and today the connection to the router was always 2.4G.

It’s a little bit confusing, if the timestamp is from
2023-01-17T06:02:08.368200+00:00 but the data recorded are from yesterday. Now I will wait, if the diagnostics menu shows 2.4G tomorrow.

hmm, that’s strange. Let me know if tomorrow you still have that flag in diagnostics. That would mean something is not right in our back-end system

I’m leaving the outdoor demo counter online, even though it’s not counting anything useful at the moment because it’s behind a curtain. :slight_smile:

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Hi, today I see still “Wifi 5ghz” in the diagnostics menu, but the device was connected to 2.4GHz

Something is not right then. Can you (privately) mail me the MAC-id? We’ll investigate