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A question for members … (just for fun)

You are travelling home, carrying your ‘usual’ weight of coats / bags / shopping / pets / etc …, taking public transport of some sort and you reach a moving escalator, one that is more than just a few steps UP to the exit level.

Do you:

  • Stand on the escalator to prepare for the ongoing journey
  • Take the escalator, walking all the way up
  • Avoid the escalator and look for the steps
  • Find a lift
  • Get back on the train and head to a different station to avoid the whole issue

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Many years ago I promised myself that unless I really couldn’t (e.g. had a suitcase or injury), I would ALWAYS walk up the escalator as the “free gym offered by the city”

It was hard at first, but now is second nature … and there’s always the London transport signs that help by shouting “STAND ON THE RIGHT” since there are plenty of other busy commuters walking up and down.

I’m not doing it for the speed, but for the exercise and feeling virtuous.

Since I can remember I take the escalator and walk it up or usually the stairs are nearby then I will walk up to 5 stories without problems. I ll avoid taking lifts / elevators all together.
GRTS Diana


I see that we are the “active travel” types here :slight_smile:

It makes me very happy.

I was shocked some time ago (I think just before the covid lockdowns) to discover that because of congestion in the London stations, and because too few people actually walked up, they were proposing BANNING walking up in order to make both sides standing-only.

I can see how this might increase the capacity of the escalators, but it would seem such a backward step when we really should be encouraging people to be more active and to walk more!

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:face_with_diagonal_mouth: I always was amazed how people moved : let s keep moving