Ability to "pause" the device

I suggest adding a feature to “pause” data collection.

This might be useful during say street construction when the counts will be invalid.

In my case I’d like to take the device to another location when doing a manual count, and temporarily operate it there, without polluting the data at the home location.

Interesting idea.

In practice, roadworks would be something you would want to keep monitoring as you will potentially see a different mix, with more pedestrians and bikes. Keeping it active will ensure you collect the before/during/after data that will allow good comparisons to be made.

Moving the device is possible and if you do that and “install” it in that new location, then the data will be associated with the new street segment and not the ‘home’ one. That way it is effectively paused.

You can then restart in the home location when you are ready.

During roadworks a whole variety of equipment and people will mill about the area, without really being the same thing as the other data at the location.

Counting an adjacent street during roadworks is super interesting, showing the avoidance effect.

What I’ll do is take the device to my temporary manual count site,
record the current counts at the start, then calculate the delta.

This will however pollute the original location data.
I’m hesitant with a personal device to create a second account with a second email address to account for the temporary site, as that too will pollute the available data.