Ability to add notes to the public location page

Hey, the traffic on the road where our Telraam is set up is now so severe that cars are not moving for 20 seconds or more and are tightly packed together with other cars trying to pass and navigate parked cars causing the sensor to be overwhelmed and miss count, the overall count has dropped to half.

It would be good to have the option to add a date based note to the public facing location web page to tell people that numbers may be impacted due to local roadworks/utility works or school holidays etc. so it is reflective of why there may be significant variations.

We are using our Telraam to show the council how severe the traffic is in our local area and the sudden drop which unfortunately coincided when we have council officials reviewing our data does impact our campaign.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks @elliott.jenkin

Data annotation is definitely in the roadmap. This is precisely the kind of added value that working with citizens can provide. It is not yet available while we have some other priorities to sort out, but we are hoping to bring this to the dashboard soon.

Am I correct that this is a V1 that you are using? The V1 will struggle in the slowest traffic situations, but this is improved with the S2.

Sorry it has happened just now if they’re looking at your data, but this will be something they will be aware of with traditional counters that are even more susceptible to this error.

It should be matched with a corresponding drop in speed of course, so you can hopefully point to this as well


That is great to know it is on the roadmap!

IT is the V1, appreciate it is more limited than the S2.

The speed was already very low so there’s been a minimal change, I had thought that too though