Data connectivity issue for UK devices

It will be via the shop as before, yes. Unfortunately I don’t yet have a specific date. The replacement devices for those who had already bought one are on their way to me … but I am resisting saying anything until they have cleared customs … as this could take time.

Once we’ve done that process we will be more prepared for putting them back in the shop for selling new ones too

Any progress with clearing customs… ? :crossed_fingers:

I’m packing boxes as we speak :slight_smile:

They arrived this morning at 09:30 and I’ve got to work

Getting on with the process, but will update properly this afternoon

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OK, as teased above, I’m happy to announce that I have finally received the new Telraam S2 devices for the UK with the new SIM cards.

They arrived this morning after a number of days stuck in a bit of limbo while VAT claims were made and paid, but thankfully that is now complete.

The next stage is to box them all up individually (or in groups for those in Networks) with a short note on how to replace your device, and also generate the shipping labels for sending them out, plus returns.

I hope to get the labels tomorrow so they should be on their way on Wednesday or so.

I look forward to seeing the UK light up with active device dots on our Telraam map once again. This is today … wonder what it will look like in a few weeks?

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Enough S2’s for the Telraam’s shop as well? :crossed_fingers:

Friday afternoon update …

Despite more roadblocks (this time from the courier website), we have actually managed to get around 130 or more devices out of the door already, some of which should have arrived today with network owners, the rest of these arriving Monday.

The final individual devices are now packaged and labelled and ready for collection on Monday, so should start popping into your mailboxes on Tuesday.

The courier issues mean that we were unable to pre-print your returns labels and include them in the packages, so instead we will be emailing these to you as soon as the account is set up and we can arrange these. So, if you get your device, feel free to replace it immediately and put the old one in the new box that arrived, and put it aside for now. Once you get the label you can send this back to me so I can collect them and we can get them back out into the field in places where they will work - thus avoiding any unnecessary e-waste and getting even more citizens counting.

I look forward to being able to post a final wrap-up of this process and to have that UK map above glowing with active counting spots!

Not at this stage I don’t think, but I’ll check. We’re working on getting some extra stock in the next couple of weeks for this purpose … watch this space

It is really great to see the new S2 devices start to go live in the UK again.

Here is the first one I spotted which is in the centre of Oxford, a place particularly badly hit by the outage (as there seemed to be no alternative network there at all).

You can already see the data coming in, including night counts (I wonder what happens outside this building at 3 am?)

I hope to see a lot more devices come online this week. Do share yours if you get it online

Glasgow online again! Signal is stronger than before. Trying my other street this time and pals want a shot for their street! hahah!

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Great to hear - look forward to hearing about the data you gather