Cleaning up the Telraam map

Why aren’t non-fuctional telraam not removed from the map? I can see telraam cameras that didn’t send data since 2021 and earlier.

That’s a good question.

The point is that data that was gathered at the time is still useful for any data analysis that is done, so we want to show that the segment data does exist, even if it is not being added to at the moment.

With only a few thousand devices, this is not a problem, but maybe as we grow the number of devices and segments we may need to revisit this.

Is it causing any issues we’re maybe not aware of?

Ok, but i’m not a data-analyst. To me, the map now seems a bit chaotic and sloppy (just check Halle, Belgium). Maybe it is possible to add a layer for only functional devices?

Hi Stijn, inactive segments need to be visible, to allow anyone to check historic detailed data for that segment, but I agree it’s not looking pretty now.

We used to have a toggle between “live” and “historic”, but it created too big a load on the server. We’re in the process of redesigning it and reactivate that toggle, so the result would be a toggle, allowing to switch between only live segments, or all sgements that had counts at one point.

It’s on the list, can’t say when it’ll be live…